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I'm a systems enthusiast and a dad that looks like a Midwest emo guitarist. I've got a large swath of projects that I work on periodically ranging from peer-to-peer network exploration to film projector hacking. I've graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in cyber security, but I've worked in dev-ops and software since 2014. I feel like a lot of what I work on in my free time has little to do with computers but that hasn't stopped me from accumulating a stack of bare metal in the garage. I'm drawn to electronics, historical media, and nature. This website has been developed to provide a place to share my work and opinions as well as play around with new web technologies. Maybe I can also convince my friends and family I haven't completely lost it, to boot.

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Thanks to Dan Luu for inspiring this webpage style and the post that inspired the design


Email: [email protected] GPG Pub Key
Email: [email protected] GPG Pub Key
Callsign: KD8ZVC