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I started collecting photos in about 2012, having come from a family so enamored with antiquing it could be considered hoarding. I started with a small collection of studio photos and tin types but soon discovered by passion for candid, real-life media. Since then, urban exploring, fervent thrift store raids, and a network of local antique nuts that know me by name have helped me to build a collection of old photos and films that I hope to share with the world and return to their original families. On and off since 2015, nullbrook has served as the extension of my blog boxesofoldphotos.tumblr.com. Through hosting my own website, first as an FTP site, then as a slightly more approachable media streamer, I have been able to share digitized video I could barely share otherwise.

Bellant Owl

The working title of the ambient tape music act I've been assembling for a while. More to come once I get the music off a hundred tapes scattered in my bedroom. Loosely related is my YouTube channel


I'm also interested in taking photos myself. While I tend to lose a lot of cameras, the pictures turn out okay sometimes. I also really enjoy 8mm camcorders but my hands are far too shaky. Online Gallery


I stream on Twitch sometimes. Usually it's Rimworld, but I recently set up a 24/7 fishtank webcam because why no.t FluffyMcNubNub's Twitch


For a couple years now I've homebrewed using a variety of recipes. Most of my batches have been based off of EdWort's Apfelwein recipe. I've had some success in playing around with the sugar and initial juice. My most recent attempt was a Belgian Abbey Ale from Listermann's Wilbur's Brother's Belgian Abbey Ale.

mithoren on Github
SecList writeup
2017 UC IT Expo Presentation Deck
Use Case Video

A component of my program at the University of Cincinnati is a senior design project, a year-long class during which teams develop ideas and work through the project lifecycle and present their work before graduation. Inspired by the MouseJack Vulnerability presented at DefCon by Marc Newlin, we developed a proof-of-concept microcomputer with a daemonization platform which allows for the continual scanning of areas for vulnerable wireless keyboards as well as the aggregation, analysis, and reporting of the detected devices. The project is still well in development. The project was presented at the 2017 UC IT Expo.

Umlauts don't mix well in English CLIs

Game Dev

My wife and I made a little Pico-8 game called Frogs Game. Don't sue me, Sanrio

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