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Old 2022 | A Brief Retrospective
Last edited - 2023/01/08

old tree, new tree

If I were to use a scorecard from when I was 25 to judge 2022, the year was pretty rough. I didn't travel anywhere new, get through many books, or even go to a live music event. It was fairly disasterous for my personal savings and I spent much of the year just trying to clean up after a brutal snowstorm from the final days of 2021. But I became a father so my scorecard has changed. 2022 has been the best year in a long time for me. I won't drone on about parenthood, I'll just say that I've been able to spend an incredible amount of time with my son and I couldn't be happier about it. So here I'll try to list some of the things I've done this year bearing in mind that it's been a year much unlike any I've had before.

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Given that my schedule became baby schedule this year, my gaming became mostly single-player. Having the fortune to receive my Steam Deck early in the year allowed me to play many of little indie titles that I han't had the chance to dive into yet. While I could probably spend that marginal time of the day reading instead, these games were worth the time.

Objectives for 2023

If I have time left after all of that to pursue mycology, woodcraft, photography, music production, read books, draw, or dabble in radio well that might just be asking too much of the year. Let's just take it easy in 2023