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Starfleet I - by The Pirates of the World

So after a bit of time and a move to a different room in my apartment, I decided to pick up this project again (mostly in anticipation of my forthcoming Commodore 64 Telnet Wifi Adapter). This particular floppy has only two games on it: Starfleet and a mysterious title called "My Game." Gone is Sublogic Football, the victim of someone's attempt to write a video game it seems. Clearly the unknown program was much more interesting to me. Regardless, I definitely spent some time with this disk, both trying to get the unknown game to boot and playing around in the pretty immersive Starfleet universe.

Publisher: Cygnus
Year: 1985 (Cracked 1991)
at Moby Games

I probably don't need to give much introduction to Starfleet as it seems to be a pretty well-documented game with surprisingly nice graphics and gameplay. I could say I definitely don't have the attention span to complete a campaign in this game, though I'm sure if I was alive in the 80's (sorry geezers), I would have seen this game to completion a dozen times. I certainly enjoy the modern titles that pay homage to this game like Star Trek Bridge Crew and Artemis

Anyway, I find this crack screen pretty funny. Hats off to Pirasoft, the new Starship Commander.

My Game
Publisher: Probably My Cousin?
Year: ???

One of the many disks I've found so far with post-pirate content, this title got me pretty stoked. As far as my father could remember, my cousin was in his early teens when he was fiddling with the Commodore 64 and so it isn't surprising many of these games don't work. If my dad was the actual author (he assures me he doesn't remember writing much) then it's just further evidence to the amateur coding (sorry!). That's not to say I could do any better, not yet at least. I could always give them the benefit of the doubt and blame data corruption, but I can't say I'm familiar enough with the physics behind that to know if it's the primary cause.

Anyway, after launching the "My Game" program both through the menu and directly from disk, it gets stuck in a load loop. I'm an optomist. I waited for a solid hour before giving up. Good try, disk, you gave it your all.